1 JOHN 2:6

Walk The Walk is the message of a brand focused on bringing affordable streetwear while incorporating aspects of high fashion. Growing up I was always told that no matter what I do if I "talk the talk" I better "walk the walk". This is something that has really stuck with me because there is so much truth in it. If there is no action behind your words then they're empty, but if words bring action then action can bring change. Plus, there is so much more to fashion than just putting on clothes and trying to make a statement. You are wearing someone's idea, someone's time, and someone's message. I've been so inspired by so many things in faith and in fashion that have made this brand come to life. Walk is and will always be about pushing you to walk out into your dreams while being as stylish as possible. So start WALKing.

-Alec Thompson

Creative Director/Founder

"If you talk the talk then you better Walk The Walk"


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Alec Thompson
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Creative Director/Founder